Curating Crisis

9780822368618: Paperback
Release Date: 20th March 2017

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Number of Pages: 125

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Curating Crisis

Edited by
Tom Sellar
Paperback / £9.99

This issue examines how performance curators are responding to today’s crises both within the world of theater and performance and in the broader spheres of politics, economics, and history. Interviews with four leading performance curators—Boris Charmatz, Sodja Lotker, Florian Malzacher, and Miranda Wright—explore the evolution of their work in response to changes in funding, audience demographics, and creative practices. A special section, coedited by Sigrid Gareis, features essays from a convening at the 2015 SpielART festival that consider the role of the curator in transnational exchange and in response to issues of postcolonialism.

Contributors. Tilmann Broszat, Boris Charmatz, Kenneth Collins, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Sigrid Gareis, André Lepecki, Sodja Lotker, Florian Malzacher, Jay Pather, Suely Rolnik, Tom Sellar, Miranda Wright

Tom Sellar is Professor of Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism at Yale University and the editor of Theater.