Pascale-Anne Brault

Pascale-Anne Brault is Professor of French at DePaul University. She is the co-translator of several works of Jacques Derrida’s, most recently For Strasbourg: Conversations of Friendship and Philosophy (Fordham).


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  1. Nostalgia


    When Are We Ever at Home?

    Written by Barbara Cassin, Translated by Pascale-Anne Brault, Foreword by Souleymane Bachir Diagne

    Fordham University Press

    Through a subtle reading of the writings of Homer, Virgil, and Hannah Arendt, Barbara Cassin produces an in-depth analysis, at once scholarly and personal, of nostalgia. Where does nostalgia come from? Where do we truly feel at... Learn More
    Published: 1st March 2016
    Hardback | £62.00
    Paperback | £14.99
    EPUB | £18.00
    PDF | £18.00
  2. For Strasbourg

    For Strasbourg

    Conversations of Friendship and Philosophy

    Written by Jacques Derrida, Edited and translated by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas

    Fordham University Press

    For Strasbourg consists of a series of essays and interviews by French philosopher and literary theorist Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) about the city of Strasbourg and the philosophical friendships he developed there over a forty... Learn More
    Published: 1st April 2014
    Hardback | £54.00
    Paperback | £12.99
    EPUB | £15.00
    PDF | £15.00
  3. Athens, Still Remains
    Athens, Still Remains is an extended commentary on a series of photographs of contemporary Athens by the French photographer Jean-François Bonhomme. But in Derrida’s hands commentary always has a way of unfolding or, better,... Learn More
    Published: 13th October 2010
    Hardback | £66.00
    Paperback | £19.99
  4. The Truth of Democracy

    The Truth of Democracy

    Written by Jean-Luc Nancy, Translated by Pascale-Anne Brault and Michael Naas

    Series Just Ideas

    Fordham University Press

    The initial provocation for The Truth of Democracy was the fortieth anniversary of May ’68 and the recent criticism (some by French President Nicolas Sarkozy himself) leveled against the ideals and actors at the center of this... Learn More
    Published: 12th June 2010
    Hardback | £66.00
    Paperback | £19.99
  5. Noli me tangere
    Christian parables have retained their force well beyond the sphere of religion; indeed, they share with much of modern literature their status as a form of address: “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.” There is no message... Learn More
    Published: 30th June 2008
    Hardback | £66.00
    Paperback | £23.99