One Hundred Love Sonnets

9780292757608: Hardback
Release Date: 15th January 2014

9780292756519: Paperback
Release Date: 15th January 2014

Dimensions: 140 x 165

Number of Pages: 240

University of Texas Press

One Hundred Love Sonnets

Cien sonetos de amor

Written by
Pablo Neruda
Translated by
Stephen Tapscott
Hardback / £16.99
Paperback / £11.99

"The happiness I feel in offering these to you is vast as a savanna," Pablo Neruda wrote his adored wife, Matilde Urrutia de Neruda, in his dedication of One Hundred Love Sonnets. Set against the backdrop of his beloved Isla Negra, these joyfully sensual poems draw on the wind and tides, the white sand with its scattering of delicate wildflowers, and the hot sun and salty scent of the sea to celebrate their love. Generations of lovers since Pablo and Matilde have shared these poems with each other, making One Hundred Love Sonnets one of the most popular books of poetry of all time. This beautifully redesigned volume, perfect for gift-giving, presents both the original Spanish sonnets and graceful English translations.

Translator's Note


Morning / Mañana

Afternoon / Mediodía

Evening / Tarde

Night / Noche


Index of First Lines

Stephen Tapscott is Professor of Literature at MIT. He translated Pablo Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets / Cien sonetos de amor (UT Press, 1986).

"The greatest poet of the twentieth century—in any language."

Gabriel García Márquez

"Sensual as a tropical night swirling in honeysuckle and jazz. . . . With its lush textures and effervescent lyricism, this book is like a smoky champagne which two lovers, mesmerized by each other’s presence, are sipping."

San Francisco Examiner

"Erotic feeling and human affection convey a warmth and immediacy that is direct, delicate, subtle, and strong by turns."