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  1. Ethnicity
    In the economics of everyday life, even ethnicity has become a potential resource to be tapped, generating new sources of profit and power, new ways of being social, and new visions of the future. Throughout Africa, ethnic corporations... Learn More
    Published: 1st July 2020
    Hardback | £69.00
    Paperback | £33.00
  2. The History of Starved Rock

    The History of Starved Rock

    By Mark Walczynski

    Cornell University Press

    Published: 15th March 2020
    Paperback | £14.99
  3. A Grammar of Southern Pomo
    A Grammar of Southern Pomo is the first comprehensive description of the Southern Pomo language, one of seven Pomoan languages once spoken in the vicinity of Clear Lake and the Russian River drainage of California.  ... Learn More
    Published: 15th February 2020
    Hardback | £73.00
  4. The Red Road and Other Narratives of the Dakota Sioux
    The Red Road and Other Narratives of the Dakota Sioux presents the Red Road and the Holy Dance (also called the Medicine Dance), two of the most important traditions of the Dakota people, as told by Samuel I. Mniyo and Robert... Learn More
    Published: 1st February 2020
    Hardback | £65.00
  5. Basket Diplomacy
    Basket Diplomacyreveals how the Coushatta people made the Bayou Blue settlement their home by embedding themselves into the area’s cultural, economic, and political domains.   ... Learn More
    Published: 1st February 2020
    Hardback | £56.00
  6. Walks on the Ground
    Walks on the Ground is a record of Ponca elder Louis V. Headman’s personal study of the Southern Ponca people, spanning seven decades.   ... Learn More
    Published: 1st February 2020
    Hardback | £77.00
  7. A Grammar of Upper Tanana, Volume 1
    A Grammar of Upper Tanana is a  comprehensive text that performs the impressive task of providing a linguistically accurate written record of the endangered Upper Tanana language.    ... Learn More
    Published: 1st February 2020
    Hardback | £73.00
  8. The Grass Shall Grow
    The Grass Shall Grow is a succinct introduction to the work and world of Helen M. Post, who took thousands of photographs of Native Americans during a brief period of intense activity in the late 1930s and early years of World... Learn More
    Published: 1st February 2020
    Hardback | £43.00
  9. Theft Is Property!
    Robert Nichols reconstructs the concept of dispossession as a means of explaining how shifting configurations of law, property, race, and rights have functioned as modes of governance, both historically and in the present.... Learn More
    Published: 10th January 2020
    Hardback | £88.00
    Paperback | £22.99
  10. Sámi Media and Indigenous Agency in the Arctic North
    Digital media–GIFs, films, TED Talks, tweets, and more–have become integral to daily life and, unsurprisingly, to Indigenous people’s strategies for addressing the historical and ongoing effects of colonization. In Sámi... Learn More
    Published: 5th January 2020
    Hardback | £79.00
    Paperback | £23.99
  11. Relativization in Ojibwe
    Following previous dialect studies concerned primarily with varieties of Ojibwe spoken in Canada, Relativization in Ojibwe presents the first study of dialect variation for varieties spoken in the United States and along the border... Learn More
    Published: 1st January 2020
    Hardback | £65.00
  12. Against the Current and Into the Light
    An examination of historical performances in an iconic Vancouver park demonstrating how it remains an Indigenous place despite colonial efforts.... Learn More
    Published: 30th December 2019
    Hardback | £91.00
    Paperback | £25.99
  13. The Audacity of His Enterprise
    Shining a spotlight on the life, vision, and cultivation of one of Canada's most influential historical figures.... Learn More
    Published: 30th December 2019
    Hardback | £33.00
  14. Listen but Don't Ask Question
    Kevin Fellezs traces the ways in which slack key guitar—a traditional Hawaiian musical style played on an acoustic steel-string guitar—is a site for the articulation of the complex histories, affiliations, and connotations... Learn More
    Published: 6th December 2019
    Hardback | £92.00
    Paperback | £24.99
  15. The Way Home
    Crafted from memories, legends, and art, this powerful memoir tells the uplifting story of an Indigenous man’s struggle to reconnect with his culture and walk in the footsteps of his father and the generations of Kwakwaka’wakw... Learn More
    Published: 1st December 2019
    Paperback | £26.99
  16. Friends, Foes, and Furs
    The daily journals of a Canadian fur trader and clerk for the North West Company.... Learn More
    Published: 30th November 2019
    Hardback | £54.00
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