The Audacity of His Enterprise

9780773559370: Hardback
Release Date: 30th December 2019

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McGill-Queen's University Press

The Audacity of His Enterprise

Louis Riel and the Métis Nation That Canada Never Was, 1840–1875

Shining a spotlight on the life, vision, and cultivation of one of Canada's most influential historical figures.
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Louis Riel (1844–1885) was an iconic figure in Canadian history best known for his roles in the Red River Resistance of 1869 and the Northwest Resistance of 1885. A political leader of the Métis people of the Canadian Prairies, Riel is often portrayed as

M. Max Hamon is a lecturer and research affiliate at McGill University and a lecturer in the Department of History at Queen's University.

"The Audacity of His Enterprise is a sophisticated and humanizing biography of an iconic figure in Canadian history set within the context of his times." Jean Barman, University of British Columbia and author of Iroquois in the West