MoMA Primary Documents

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  1. Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe
    This latest volume of MoMA's Primary Documents reflects on the effects that communism's disintegration across Central and Eastern Europe—including the Soviet Union's fifteen republics—had on the art practices, criticism,... Learn More
    Published: 13th August 2018
    Paperback | £34.00
  2. Modern Art in the Arab World
    Modern Art in the Arab World is a compendium of critical art writings by twentieth-century Arab intellectuals and artists that explore the formation of a global modernism through debates on originality, public space, spiritualism... Learn More
    Published: 7th June 2018
    Paperback | £34.00
  3. Mário Pedrosa
    This latest volume in MoMA's Primary Documents series provides an anthology of the writings of Mário Pedrosa, Brazil's preeminent critic of art, culture, and politics and one of Latin America's most frequently cited public... Learn More
    Published: 19th January 2016
    Paperback | £34.00
  4. From Postwar to Postmodern, Art in Japan, 1945-1989
    A trove of primary source materials, From Postwar to Postmodern, Art in Japan 1945–1989 is an invaluable scholarly resource for readers who wish to explore the fascinating subject of avant-garde art in postwar Japan. In this... Learn More
    Published: 3rd December 2012
    Paperback | £34.00
  5. Contemporary Chinese Art
    An anthology of key primary texts reflecting the liveliness and creativity of avant-garde Chinese art in the post-Mao era; the documents are translated into English and arranged chronologically.... Learn More
    Published: 1st September 2010
    Paperback | £34.00