Mark Jurdjevic


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  1. Machiavelli


    Political, Historical, and Literary Writings

    Edited by Mark Jurdjevic, Edited by and Translated by Meredith K. Ray

    Series Haney Foundation Series

    University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

    Throughout his life, Niccolò Machiavelli's overriding central concerns were the present and future strength and independence of Florence. Presenting a wide sample of the many genres in which he wrote, this volume highlights... Learn More
    Published: 12th July 2019
    Paperback | £28.99
  2. Florentine Political Writings from Petrarch to Machiavelli
    Presenting nineteen primary source documents, including lesser known texts by Machiavelli and Guicciardini, several of which are here translated into English for the first time, this useful compendium shows how the Renaissance... Learn More
    Published: 7th June 2019
    Paperback | £28.99