Long Distance Love

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Release Date: 28th February 2008

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Release Date: 28th February 2008

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Long Distance Love

A Passion for Football

Since he was a young adult, Grant Farred has wandered the world.  Born in South Africa, his own personal growth was fueled by dreams of English football, as a player, and then, when age and reality set in, as a fan.  Coming to the United States at a still young age, Farred still loved football -- especially Liverpool -- and watched it from afar.  Writing about his experience, Farred shares with the reader his experience growing up colored in South Africa, moving to England, and finally to the US, and how his passion for football kept company with his many moves.  Along the way, he talks about the contradictions of football; how race and class politics mix on and off the pitch; how Farred's own ideas about what it means to be a colonial subject is both reinforced and liberated by the idea of football, and how players can serve as gods and mosnters. 
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A well-known scholar and lifelong soccer fan tells what the game has meant for him.



A Talk, Drinks, and Dinner with God

Chapter 1
Long Distance Love: Growing Up a Liverpool Football Club Fan

Chapter 2
Som més que un club, però menys que una nació.
“More than a Club but Less than a Nation.

Chapter 3
Careless Whispers: The Doubleness of Spanish Love

Chapter 4:
At Home, Out of Place

Chapter 5:
God's Team: The Painful Pleasure of the Miracle on the Bosphorus 
Chapter 6:
The Gerrard Final

Grant Farred is the author, most recently, of What's My Name? Black Vernacular Intellectuals. He is a life-long fan of Liverpool Football Club, the greatest and most successful club in the history of English football.