Living with the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia's Ocean Shores

9780822308683: Hardback
Release Date: 13th December 1988

Number of Pages: 150

Series Living with the Shore

Duke University Press Books

Living with the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia's Ocean Shores

Hardback / £76.00

This volume in the Living with the Shore series provides practical and specific information on the status of the nation’s coast and useful guidelines that enable residents, visitors, and investors to live with and enjoy the shore without costly and futile struggles against the forces of nature.

List of figures and tables vii
Foreword xiii
1. The dynamic coast 1
2. Coastal environments 25
3. Shoreline engineering: stabilizing the unstable 43
4. Selecting a site along the shores of Chesapeake Bay 73
5. The open-ocean shoreline 148
6. Coastal land use and the law 155
7. Building or buying a house near the shore 166
Appendix A. Hurricanes 192
Appendix B. A guide to federal, state, and local agencies involved in coastal development 198
Appendix C. Useful references 204
Index 228

“Duke University Press has published a series, Living with the Shore, to educate the determined shore dweller; maps show what is happening on each stretch of beach, in enough detail to cover specific homesites. The books offer guidelines for buying and building at the shore. They list federal, state, and local agencies that are involved in coastal development, as well as give up-to-date information on laws that regulate land use.”—Forbes Magazine