Literary Theories in Praxis

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Release Date: 1st January 1987

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Number of Pages: 488

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Literary Theories in Praxis

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Literary Theories in Praxis analyzes the ways in which critical theories are transformed into literary criticism and methodology. To demonstrate the application of this analysis, critical writings of Roland Barthes, Harold Bloom, Cleanth Brooks, Jacques Derrida, Northrop Frye, Norman Holland, Barbara Johnson, Jacques Lacan, Adrienne Rich, and Robert Scholes are examined in terms of the primary critical stance each author employs—New Critical, phenomenological, archetypal, structuralist/semiotic, sociological, psychoanalytic, reader-response, deconstructionist, or humanist.

The book is divided into nine sections, each with a prefatory essay explaining the critical stance taken in the selections that follow and describing how theory becomes literary criticism. In a headnote to each selection, Staton analyzes how the critic applies his or her critical methodology to the subject literary work. Shirley F. Staton's introduction sketches the overall philosophical positions and relationships among the various critical modes.

Introduction: Pre-Text, Con-Text, and Sub-Text

Chapter 1 New Criticism
Chapter 2 Phenomenological Criticism
Chapter 3 Archetypal and Genre Criticism
Chapter 4 Structuralist-Semiotic Criticism
Chapter 5 Sociological Criticism: Historical, Marxist, Feminist
Chapter 6 Psychoanalytic Criticism
Chapter 7 Reader-Response Criticism
Chapter 8 Deconstructionist Criticism
Chapter 9 Humanist Criticism

Selected Bibliography

"The proverbially 'welcome addition to the field.' It has a surprising breadth and balance in these days of reluctant canonization and yet fierce ideological attitudes."—College Literature