Contemporary Jewish Writing in Britain and Ireland

9780803263888: Paperback
Release Date: 1st March 1998

Number of Pages: 336

Series Jewish Writing in the Contemporary World

UNP - Nebraska

Contemporary Jewish Writing in Britain and Ireland

Edited by and Introduced by
Bryan Cheyette
Paperback / £20.99

Contemporary Jewish Writing in Britain and Ireland presents a wide range of writers—some at the heart of British culture, others outside the mainstream—who address the issue of Jewish cultural difference in Great Britain and Ireland. Editor Bryan Cheyette has assembled a striking roster of writers whose extraordinary imagination and understanding of Jewish experience in Britain and Ireland have transformed English literature in recent decades. They include established figures like Anita Brookner, Harold Pinter, and George Steiner, as well as such vibrant new voices as Elena Lappin, Jonathan Treitel, and Jonathan Wilson. As Cheyette argues, "the contemporary British-Jewish writers in this volume defy the authority of England and the Anglo-Jewish community. . . . [All] are risk-takers who . . . will eventually help replace narrow national narratives and gendered identities with a broader, more plural, diasporic culture."

Bryan Cheyette is a professor of English and drama at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. He is the author of Construction of "the Jew" in English Literature and Society: Racial Representations, 1875–1945.

"An important series of contemporary Jewish writing abroad translated into English."—Library Journal

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