Murder and Difference

9780253207418: Paperback
Release Date: 22nd February 1988

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 164

Series Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature

Indiana University Press

Murder and Difference

Gender, Genre, and Scholarship on Sisera’s Death

Written by
Mieke Bal
Translated by
Matthew Gumpert
Mieke Bal
Paperback / £16.99

"... an important contribution to current literary concerns with the ideologies of texts... " —Society of Old Testament Study Book List

"... she points the way into as yet little-explored territory, broadly engaging literary theory as well as ideological criticism... she moves beyond both narrowly historical and exclusively text-centered criticism... " —Theology Today

"... Bal has given us both a coruscating feminist critique of biblical scholarship and a fund of provocative exegetical insights... required reading for anyone who wants to know where serious biblical scholarship is heading." —Shofar

The Object

1. The Historical Code
The History of the Texts
The History of the People
Connoted History
2.The Theological Code
THe use of the Theological Code
Religious Codes
3. The Anthropological Code
The Concept of Judge
The Ethnographic Context
The Oral Code
4.The Literary Code
The Polemic Lyric Code
The Nonpolemic Lyric Code
The Narratological Code
The Aesthetic Literary Code

5. The Thematic Code
Closing and Opening of Thematics
The Theme as Starting Point
The Thematic Code at Work
The Thematic Code as Censor
The Code as Method
6.The Gender Code
The Gendered Subject
The Gender Code and the Narrarive
The Gender Code and the Song