Connecting Continents

9780821423264: Hardback
Release Date: 7th June 2018

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 428

Edition: 1st Edition

Series Indian Ocean Studies Series

Ohio University Press

Connecting Continents

Archaeology and History in the Indian Ocean World

Edited by
Krish Seetah
Connecting Continents addresses two issues: how to promote collaborative research, and how to shape the research agenda for a region only recently attracting serious interest from historical archaeologists exploring the dynamics of migration, colonization, and cultural syncretism central to understanding human experience in the Indian Ocean basin.
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In recent decades, the vast and culturally diverse Indian Ocean region has increasingly attracted the attention of anthropologists, historians, political scientists, sociologists, and other researchers. Largely missing from this growing body of scholarship, however, are significant contributions by archaeologists and consciously interdisciplinary approaches to studying the region’s past and present.

Connecting Continents addresses two important issues: how best to promote collaborative research on the Indian Ocean world, and how to shape the research agenda for a region that has only recently begun to attract serious interest from historical archaeologists. The archaeologists, historians, and other scholars who have contributed to this volume tackle important topics such as the nature and dynamics of migration, colonization, and cultural syncretism that are central to understanding the human experience in the Indian Ocean basin.

This groundbreaking work also deepens our understanding of topics of increasing scholarly and popular interest, such as the ways in which people construct and understand their heritage and can make use of exciting new technologies like DNA and environmental analysis. Because it adopts such an explicitly comparative approach to the Indian Ocean, Connecting Continents provides a compelling model for multidisciplinary approaches to studying other parts of the globe.

Contributors: Richard B. Allen, Edward A. Alpers, Atholl Anderson, Nicole Boivin, Diego Calaon, Aaron Camens, Saša Čaval, Geoffrey Clark, Alison Crowther, Corinne Forest, Simon Haberle, Diana Heise, Mark Horton, Paul Lane, Martin Mhando, and Alistair Patterson.

Krish Seetah, a native of Mauritius, is an environmental archaeologist and assistant professor of anthropology at Stanford University. Since 2008 he has directed the Mauritian Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (MACH) project.

“The contributors do a superb job of situating the Indian Ocean within the most current discourses of historical archaeology, including, importantly, ways of broadening the field. The subject of the book is truly original and it makes a significant contribution to knowledge by its very presence.”

Charles E. Orser, author of Historical Archaeology

Connecting Continents reviews and engages a tremendous range and depth of research, tacking largely between the history and archaeology (including bioarchaeology) of the Indian Ocean over the last two thousand years. The contributors display true intellectual generosity, and there is absolutely nothing else like it currently available.”

Adria LaViolette, co-editor of The Swahili World

Society for American Archaeology Scholarly Book Award - 2019