Historic Landmarks of Philadelphia

9780812241068: Hardback
Release Date: 18th November 2008

223 color illus.

Dimensions: 222 x 298

Number of Pages: 320

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Historic Landmarks of Philadelphia

Written by
Roger W. Moss
Photographs by
Tom Crane

In Historic Landmarks of Philadelphia Roger Moss and Tom Crane feature nationally significant sites. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates Philadelphia's evolution from modest mercantile outpost of a colonial power, to capital of a proud new nation, to a robust world-renowned cosmopolitan city.

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Architectural historian Roger W. Moss and photographer Tom Crane set out to celebrate the surviving accessible historic architecture of Philadelphia, envisioning a series of books that would provide much more than the snapshots found in guidebooks. They began with Historic Houses of Philadelphia, bringing the region's most impressive museum homes to life. Historic Sacred Places of Philadelphia followed, an exclusive tour of fifty hallowed sites. In Historic Landmarks of Philadelphia, Moss and Crane feature prominent, memorable structures that reflect stages in Philadelphia's growth.

There are sixty-five National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia, structures that have been identified as being "nationally significant" and having "meaning to all Americans." This newest addition to Moss and Crane's trilogy includes a wide array of historic sites, ranging from concert halls to prisons, train stations to museums, banks to libraries. The buildings are arranged chronologically rather than geographically, to emphasize Philadelphia's evolution from modest mercantile outpost of a colonial power, to capital of a proud new nation, to a robust world-renowned cosmopolitan city.

Historic Landmarks of Philadelphia presents such notable attractions as Fort Mifflin, Independence Hall, the Fairmount Water Works, the Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Boathouse Row, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Eastern State Penitentiary, the Academy of Music, the Union League of Philadelphia, Memorial Hall, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Masonic Temple, and the sights that line the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and the Rodin Museum, in more than two hundred color illustrations. It celebrates master builders and their influence on the course of American architecture while identifying the distinctive qualities that embody Philadelphia's history and spirit.

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Fort Mifflin
Independence Hall
Congress Hall
Old City Hall
Carpenters' Hall
Philosophical Hall
Pennsylvania Hospital
First Bank of the United States
New Market

Fairmount Water Works
Second Bank of the United States
Eastern State Penitentiary
Dorrance Hamilton Hall, University of the Arts
Walnut Street Theatre
United States Naval Home
Merchants' Exchange
Founder's Hall, Girard College
Atwater Kent Museum
Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire
Philadelphia Club

Athenæum of Philadelphia
Laurel Hill Cemetery
Freedom Theatre
Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital
Academy of Music
Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia
Union League of Philadelphia
Masonic Temple
Philadelphia City Hall
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts
Victory Building
Memorial Hall
Boathouse Row
Philadelphia Zoological Gardens Gatehouses
Anne and Jerome Fisher Fine Arts Library, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Terminal Head House and Shed

The Bellevue
John Wanamaker Department Store
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Racquet Club of Philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin Bridge
Thirtieth Street Station
United States Custom House
Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Insurance Company of North America Building
Free Library of Philadelphia
Rodin Museum
Board of Education Administration Building and Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Building

Bibliography and Sources

Roger W. Moss is Emeritus Executive Director of The Athenaeum of Philadelphia and retired Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of a dozen books, including Historic Houses of Philadelphia and Historic Sacred Places of Philadelphia, both available from the University of Pennsylvania Press. Tom Crane is a widely published freelance photographer whose work is featured in Historic Houses of Philadelphia and Historic Sacred Places of Philadelphia.