Feudal Society in Medieval France

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Release Date: 13th August 1993

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Series The Middle Ages Series

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Feudal Society in Medieval France

Documents from the County of Champagne

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Theodore Evergates has assembled, translated, and annotated some two hundred documents from the country of Champagne into a sourcebook that focuses on the political, economic, and legal workings of a feudal society, uncovering the details of private life and social history that are embedded in the official records.

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Chapter I. The Governance of a Feudal State Feudal Policies
1. Permission to Clairvaux to acquire fiefs, ca. 1145
2. The count acquires a castle and grants fiefs for castleguard, 1200
3. The assignment of a new fief, 1201
4. Liege homage is imposed on a younger brother in 1201
5. Authorization to build a castle, 1206
6. An exemption to the castle policy, 1223
7. An allodial castle is feudalized, 1221
8. Confiscation of an unauthorized alienation, 1234
9. The repurchase of a fief, 1244
10. The great feudal inquest, 1249-1250
11. Unauthorized alienations to the church, 1250-1252
12. Restrictions on Templar acquisitions, 1191, 1255
13. Authorization to acquire feudal property, 1260
14. Royal taxation of alienated fiefs, 1291
15. Count Thibaut V taxes his feudal tenants, 1257

Theodore Evergates is Professor of History at Western Maryland College. Among his books is Aristocratic Women in Medieval France, also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press.