Les Industries lithiques taillées de Franchthi (Argolide, Grèce), Volume 1

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Release Date: 22nd January 1989

Dimensions: 229 x 279

Number of Pages: 370

Indiana University Press

Les Industries lithiques taillées de Franchthi (Argolide, Grèce), Volume 1

Présentation générale et industries Paléolithiques, Fascicle 3

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"With the long-awaited publication of these three volumes we have the first thorough documentation of one of the most important prehistoric sites in the Mediterranean, that of Franchthi Cave in the Argolid Peninsula of Greece." —American Anthropologist

"... an exceptional contribution to the hitherto very inadequate knowledge of this period in Greece." —Antiquity

"... the archaeological and paleoenvironmental data from Franchthi Cave are unique in providing a site-specific record of the cultural responses to great environmental changes." —Quarterly Research

"Perlès's study is impressive in the systematic application of a well-thought-out methodology." —American Antiquity

This study of chipped/flaked stone tools found in the excavations at Franchthi Cave is the first of its kind in Greek archaeology, if not in the whole of southeastern European prehistory.

Première partie: Présentation et modalités d'étude des industries lithiques

Présentation du cadre natural et archéologique

Les fondements de l'étude et la problématique


Techniques d'étude: procedures classiques et particularités

Deuxième partie: Les industries paléolithiques

Introduction: quel Paléolithique?

Typologie et chronologie des industries paléolithiques de Franchthi

La phase lithique 0

La phase lithique I

La phase lithique II

La phase lithique III

La phase lithique IV

La phase lithique V

La phase lithique VI

Perspective du Paléolithique supérieur de Grèce: presentation et éléments de comparison

Troisième partie


Catherine Perlès is Emeritus Professor at the University of Nanterre and holds an honorary degree from Indiana University. She is author of several books, including The Early Neolithic in Greece and Ornaments and Other Ambiguous Artifacts from Franchthi: Volume 1, The Palaeolithic and the Mesolithic (IUP, 2018).