Franchthi Neolithic Pottery, Volume 2, vol. 2

9780253213068: Paperback
Release Date: 22nd July 1999

19 b&w photos, 89 figures

Dimensions: 216 x 279

Number of Pages: 348

Indiana University Press

Franchthi Neolithic Pottery, Volume 2, vol. 2

The Later Neolithic Ceramic Phases 3 to 5, Fascicle 10

Paperback / £43.00

This fascicle completes the presentation of the ceramic remains from the Franchthi Cave excavations.

Chapter One, Background for the Study
Chapter Two, The later Neolithic Contexts
Chapter Three, Franchthi Ceramic Phase 3 (FCP3): The Pottery
Chapter Four, Franchthi Ceramic Phase 4 (FCP4): The Pottery
Chapter Five, Franchthi Ceramic Phase 5 (FCP5): The Pottery
Chapter Six, The Implications of the Pottery Analysis
Document 1, Franchthi Clay (FC) Objects
Document 2, Post-Neolithic Franchthi by James A. Dengate

Karen D. Vitelli is Professor of anthropology at Indiana University and Director of the Franchthi Project.