Deities, Dolls, and Devices

9780253319814: Paperback
Release Date: 22nd August 1993

112 b&w photos

Dimensions: 216 x 279

Number of Pages: 198

Indiana University Press

Deities, Dolls, and Devices

Neolithic Figurines From Franchthi Cave, Greece, Fascicle 9, Excavations at Franchthi Cave, Greece

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Talalay reports on a small body of figurines (24 figurines and 21 fragments) recovered during excavations at Franchthi Cave and at the nearby open-air settlement along the present shoreline. She also reexamines the theoretical and methodological foundations of scholarship in the field of figurine studies. A thorough and pathfinding study of the most important body of figurines from southern Greece, this book will be especially valuable to specialists in prehistoric Greece and to all scholars interested in early representations of the human figure in prehistoric art and in the significance of these representations to the members of early human communities. The book also makes a contribution to the growing body of literature on gender in early societies with a critical evaluation of the uses of evidence in addressing gender issues.

Foreword (T.W. Jacobsen)

Chapter One An Overview of the Franchthi Figurines/Chronological Distribution/Archaeological Context/Raw Material/Subject Matter/Design

Chapter Two Catalogue/Descriptive Categories/Catalogue

Chapter Three The Production of the Franchthi Figurines/Construction Techniques/Figurine-Makers and Ownership/Figurines and Pottery

Chapter Four Deciphering the Use and Meaning of Prehistoric Figurines/Introduction/Figurines and Their Contexts/Ethnographic Analogues/Summary

Chapter Five Deciphering the Use and Meaning of Prehistoric Figurines/Use/

Chapter Six Franchthi Figurines: A Regional Perspective/Introduction/Discussion of Regional Styles/Discussion of Use and Meaning by Region

Chapter Seven Conclusion/Summary/Avenues for Future Research

Appendixes A: Findspots of Franchthi Figurines
B: Hardness Ratings of Clay Bodies form Franchthi (Mohs Hardness
C: Color Values of Figurines from Franchthi (Munsell Soil Color
D: Possible Figurine Fragments
E: Coded Dimensions Used in Cluster Analysis
F: Published Figurines from Southern Greece


LAUREN E. TALALAY is Assistant to the Director, and Associate Curator, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan.