Everyday Life in Egypt in the Days of Ramesses The Great

9780812211139: Paperback
Release Date: 29th December 1980


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Number of Pages: 392

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Everyday Life in Egypt in the Days of Ramesses The Great

Written by
Pierre Montet
Translated by
A. R. Maxwell-Hyslop
Margaret S. Drower
Introduced by
David B. O'Connor

Our understanding of the lives of royalty and priests, artisans and professionals, peasants and slaves are all enhanced by Montet's sensitive and insightful appreciation for the ancient Egyptians.

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A classic study of daily life in ancient Egypt, Everyday Life in Egypt in the Days of Ramesses the Great is the masterwork of the dean of modern Egyptologists, Pierre Montet. Renowned for its accuracy and scope, this book conveys the richness and complexity of ancient Egyptian life.

The book focuses on the era of the great builders at Karnak and Luxor, the Ramesside kings (ca. 1314-1090 B.C.) and surveys both upper and lower Egypt to give a comprehensive picture of pharaonic society. Montet combines studies of monuments and tombs with data from pictorial and literary sources, including papyrus documents, to depict the experiences of royalty, priests, urban artisans and professionals, peasants and slaves. Here, too, are colorful descriptions of dwelling places, seasonal activities, holiday observances, family life, travel, justice, warfare, and the rites of burial—all enhanced by Montet's appreciation for the ancient Egyptian way of life.

Pierre Montet (1885-1966) was an archaeologist and Professor of Egyptology at the University of Strasbourg. La Vie quotidienne en Egypte au temps des Ramses was first published in France in 1946. David B. O'Connor is the Lila Acheson Wallace Professor of Ancient Egyptian Art at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University.