Ediberto Román

Ediberto Román is Professor of Law at Florida International University. He is the author of The Other American Colonies: An International and Constitutional Law Examination of the United States’ Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Island Conquests, and edits the NYU Press series Citizenship and Migration in the Americas.


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  1. Revoking Citizenship
    Reveals America’s long history of making both naturalized immigrants and native-born citizens un-American after stripping away their citizenship Expatriation, or the stripping away citizenship and all the rights that come with... Learn More
    Published: 6th February 2015
    Hardback | £77.00
    Paperback | £21.99
    PDF | £25.00
  2. Those Damned Immigrants
    The election of Barack Obama prompted people around the world to herald thedawning of a new, postracial era in America. Yet a scant one month afterObama’s election, Jose Oswaldo Sucuzhanay, a 31-year old Ecuadorian immigrant,was... Learn More
    Published: 31st July 2013
    Hardback | £34.00
    PDF | £37.00
  3. Citizenship and Its Exclusions
    Citizenship is generally viewed as the most desired legal status an individual can attain, invoking the belief that citizens hold full inclusion in a society, and can exercise and be protected by the Constitution. Yet this membership... Learn More
    Published: 31st May 2010
    Hardback | £43.00
    PDF | £46.00