Economy and Settlement in the Near East

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Release Date: 29th January 1990

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Economy and Settlement in the Near East

Analyses of Ancient Sites and Materials

Edited by
Naomi F. Miller
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Archaeological interpretations are built on many types of evidence. While no one method or analysis can fully reveal an extinct economic system, the papers in this volume are each focused on a single category of data to elucidate different aspects of ancient economy and settlement: settlement pattern (Khurban plains), trace elements in sealing clays (Tepe Gawra), seeds and charcoal (Tepe Hissar, Malyan, Kurban Hoyuk), economic texts (Nippur).

MASCA Vol. 7, Supplement

Naomi F. Miller is Senior Research Scientist at the Museum Applied Science Center for Archaeology (MASCA) in the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.