West European Arms Control Policy

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Release Date: 31st January 1990

Number of Pages: 237

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West European Arms Control Policy

Edited by
Robbin F. Laird
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European arms control policy and domestic policy processes in the four major West European countries (the United Kingdom, France, West Germany, and Italy) are assessed in this study, based on extensive interviews with governmental and opinion-making leaders in these four nations. The interview data are unique and make possible for the first time this kind of analysis of West European defense policy.
The contributors assess the impact of the INF treaty and arms control developments since the Reagan-Gorbachev meeting in Reykjavik.

Acknowledgments ix
Abbreviations xi
Introduction 1
1. British Arms Control Policy / Robbin F. Laird and David Robertson 13
2. West German Arms Control Policy / Barry Blechman and Cathleen Fisher 71
3. French Arms Control Policy / Robbin F. Laird and Dinah Louda 123
4. Italian Arms Control Policy / Michael Harrison 161
Conclusion 195
Notes 207
Index 217
Contributors 223