Discourses on Siva

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Release Date: 29th September 1985

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University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

Discourses on Siva

Proceedings of a Symposium on the Nature of Religious Imagery

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Discourses on Śiva is a collection of essays on the nature of religious imagery in Indian art. Focusing on Śaivite monuments, Śaivite iconography, iconology, literary sources, and forms of Śiva, they fulfill several intentions: to clarify the historical processes of and rationales for image formation in India; to give an overview of current methodologies for approaching art in its Indian context, particularly of the ways in which scholars have established subtle as well as obvious links between visual and written traditions; and to create a foundation for viewing religious art in India in relation to more "literary" artistic traditions elsewhere.

Michael W. Meister is the W. Norman Brown Professor of South Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.