Deadly Triplets

9780816618378: Hardback
Release Date: 1st June 1990

Dimensions: 138 x 203

Number of Pages: 140

Series Exxon Lecture Series

University of Minnesota Press

Deadly Triplets

A Theatre Mystery and Journal

Hardback / £15.99

Adrienne Kennedy's plays, which have been said to have transformed the landscape of Black American theatre in the past two decades, are highly experimental. Infused with colliding images of torment and tranquility, violence and peace, horror and beauty, her surrealistic dramas open a window into her life. Her characters are a condensed expression of a theatrical mind that aims to integrate autobiographical, political and aesthetic images into a personal narrative. This book is an extension of Kennedy's plays. It consists of two separate, yet linked, entities, The "Theatre Mystery" (fiction) and "Theatre Journal" (non-fiction) exist as mirror images of one another. Each presents layer upon layer of images rather than progressive action to develop their story, an interior monologue that sees the character as author coming to terms with the life of the author as character.