Daniela Vallega-Neu


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  1. Heidegger's Poietic Writings
    Engaging the development of Heidegger’s non-public writings on the event between 1936 and 1941, Daniela Vallega-Neu reveals what Heidegger's private writings kept hidden. Vallega-Neu takes readers on a journey through these... Learn More
    Published: 22nd March 2018
    Hardback | £60.00
    Paperback | £34.00
  2. Heidegger and Language
    The essays collected in this volume take a new look at the role of language in the thought of Martin Heidegger to reassess its significance for contemporary philosophy. They consider such topics as Heidegger’s engagement with... Learn More
    Published: 7th February 2013
    Paperback | £22.99
  3. Contributions to Philosophy (Of the Event)
    Martin Heidegger’s Contributions to Philosophy reflects his famous philosophical "turning." In this work, Heidegger returns to the question of being from its inception in Being and Time to a new questioning of being as event.... Learn More
    Published: 11th June 2012
    Hardback | £43.00
  4. Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy
    "For those who want to think rigorously with Heidegger and with the movement of thinking set forth in Contributions, Vallega-Neu’s book will prove to be an invaluable guide and resource. One of the great virtues of the book... Learn More
    Published: 4th June 2003
    Hardback | £34.00
    Paperback | £16.99
  5. Companion to Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy
    Companion to Heidegger’s Contributions to PhilosophyEdited by Charles E. Scott, Susan Schoenbohm, Daniela Vallega-Neu, and Alejandro VallegaA key to unlocking one of Heidegger’s most difficult and important works.The publication... Learn More
    Published: 24th July 2001
    Paperback | £22.99