The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

9781927356746: Paperback
Release Date: 1st May 2014

Dimensions: 152 x 229

Number of Pages: 225

Series Cultural Dialectics

Athabasca University Press

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh

A Critical Study

As the first literary critical study of Vincent van Gogh’s letters, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh presents the painter’s letters as purposeful imaginative creations that chart van Gogh’s evolving conception of himself as an artist.
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Vincent van Gogh’s letters are frequently admired for theirexceptional literary quality, but there is no extended critique of thisaspect of his writing. Addressing key constellations of metaphors andideas, The Letters of Vincent van Gogh shows the remarkableimaginative coherence underlying the painter’s correspondence andcharts van Gogh’s evolving conception of himself as anartist. 


Preface and Acknowledgements

Introduction: Letters as Literature

Part I   Vincent Agonistes: Religion, Morality, Art

Religious Convictions, Moral Imperatives

The Artistic Life and Its Limits

Part II  Thinking in Images

           Birds’ Nests: Art and Nature, Exile and Return

           The Mistral: Creativity and Adversity

           Cab Horses: Despair and Optimism


Part III Exploring with Ideas

           By Heart: The Creative Unconscious

            AHandshake Till Your Fingers Hurt: Autonomy and Dependency

           Something New Without a Name: Beyond Religion, Morality, Art


Conclusion: “My Own Portrait in Writing”



A mature scholar and established literary critic, PatrickGrant is professor emeritus of English at the University ofVictoria. He is the author of Imperfection (nominated for the CanadaPrize), Literature, Rhetoric, and Violence in Northern Ireland, andPersonalism and the Politics of Culture among other works.