Critical Perspectives on Crime and Law

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  1. Felony Murder
    This book identifies a principle distinguishing justified from unjustified applications of the felony murder doctrine and shows how felony murder law should be reformed in light of that principle.... Learn More
    Published: 9th May 2012
    Hardback | £90.00
    Paperback | £28.99
  2. Sunbelt Justice
    The story of the dramatic spread of mass incarceration across the United States, through a close look at the development of Arizona's punishment politics, policies, and practices.... Learn More
    Published: 4th September 2009
    Hardback | £82.00
    Paperback | £24.99
  3. Victims' Rights and Victims' Wrongs
    Victims' Rights and Victims' Wrongs offers a provocative argument in favor of a new defense in criminal law that acknowledges and weighs a victim's behavior in determining a defendant's liability.... Learn More
    Published: 18th August 2009
    Hardback | £47.00
  4. Knowledge as Power
    The first comprehensive examination of U.S. efforts to register and monitor individuals in response to real or perceived criminal threats.... Learn More
    Published: 21st July 2009
    Hardback | £82.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  5. Police and the Liberal State
    Advances a broad interdisciplinary and international project to refocus attention on the scope and function of modern government through the lens of police power.... Learn More
    Published: 5th August 2008
    Hardback | £52.00
  6. Democracy and the Police
    This book discusses the relationship between democracy and policing, and, more specifically, what it means for law enforcement to be "democratic" in modern-day America.... Learn More
    Published: 12th November 2007
    Hardback | £82.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  7. Modern Histories of Crime and Punishment
    This is a collection of essays critically examining the historical development of the modern criminal law.... Learn More
    Published: 18th July 2007
    Hardback | £82.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  8. The New Police Science
    This interdisciplinary and international volume provides a critical analysis of the power to police as a basic technology of modern government found in a vast array of sites of governance, including not only the state, but also... Learn More
    Published: 11th October 2006
    Hardback | £56.00