Cornell Studies in Money

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  1. Currency and Contest in East Asia
    Grimes uses primary research and interviews with scores of participants and policy analysts to provide the most accurate, complete, and detailed description available of attempts to build financial cooperation among East Asian... Learn More
    Published: 15th December 2008
    Hardback | £44.00
  2. Governing Finance
    Walter explains why Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand—key targets and test cases of this international standards project—were placed under intense pressure to transform their domestic financial governance.... Learn More
    Published: 15th February 2008
    Hardback | £38.00
  3. Regulating Capital
    Singer provides both a theory of the effects of domestic pressures on international regulation and a detailed analysis of regulators' attempts at international rulemaking in banking, securities, and insurance.... Learn More
    Published: 15th August 2007
    Hardback | £56.00
    Paperback | £20.99
  4. International Monetary Power
    This book provides a thorough overview of how money is used as a tool to achieve international political aims.... Learn More
    Published: 15th July 2006
    Hardback | £34.00
  5. Smoke and Mirrors, Inc.
    The authors challenge widespread beliefs that business accounting practices are neutral and involve the mere reporting of objective data, revealing how easily balance sheets can be manipulated.... Learn More
    Published: 8th June 2006
    Hardback | £33.00
  6. The Globalizers
    The greatest success of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank has been as globalizers. But at whose cost? Would borrowing countries be better off without the IMF and World Bank?... Learn More
    Published: 15th April 2006
    Hardback | £63.00
    Paperback | £19.99
  7. The Limits of Transparency
    A decade of crises has reminded us of the fragility of the international financial system. Conventional wisdom holds that uncertainty is the basic problem of financial governance, and attempts to contain ambiguity have dominated... Learn More
    Published: 7th February 2005
    Hardback | £66.00
    Paperback | £25.99
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