Catastrophic Coastal Storms

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Release Date: 12th January 1989

Number of Pages: 344

Series Duke Press Policy Studies

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Catastrophic Coastal Storms

Hazard Mitigation and Development Management

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As people cluster on the coast in increasing numbers, coastal populations become more vulnerable to severe damage from catastrophic coastal storms. The authors contented that current public policy has proved unable to cope with the growing problem, and in response they present a comprehensive analysis of coastal storm hazards, standard policy approaches, and promising new means of managing coastal growth.

Catastrophic Coastal Storms offers a solution to the policy problem by proposing a merger of hazard mitigation with development management, basing this on extensive surveys of at-risk coastal locations and case studies of post-hurricane recovery. Starting with the local level of government and proceeding to state and federal levels, the authors propose a strategy for overcoming the formidable obstacles to safeguarding the shoreline population and its structures from hurricanes and other severe storms.

Tables and figures vi
Preface xi
1. Coastal Storm Risks as a Policy Problem 1
2. Alternative Approaches to Mitigating Coastal Storm Hazards 23
3. Mitigation after Camille, Frederic, and Alicia 49
4. Federal Mitigation Programs and Policies 94
5. State Mitigation Programs and Policies 126
6. Local Mitigation Tools and Techniques 162
7. Mitigation Practice in High-Hazard Coastal Localities 187
8. Influences on Mitigation Priority, Adoption, and Effectiveness 216
9. Recommended Mitigation Policies and Strategies 233
Appendix: Survey Questionnaire 254
Index 263