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New Challenges for ASEAN

9780774805216: Hardback
Release Date: 1st January 1995

Dimensions: 159 x 235

Number of Pages: 224

Series Canada and International Relations

UBC Press

New Challenges for ASEAN

Emerging Policy Issues

Edited by
Richard Stubbs
This book examines some of the most important policy issues confronting Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) governments.
Hardback / £78.00

New Challenges for ASEAN examines some of the most importantpolicy issues confronting Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN) governments. These include the degradation of the maritime andurban environments, new strains on inter-ethnic relations, domestic andinternational pressures to ensure the protection of human rights,growing barriers to trade with the outside world, and security concernsarising from a changing regional balance of power. The responses of theASEAN governments to these challenges, at domestic, regional andinternational levels, are critically examined by a group of expertswith longstanding interest in Southeast Asian affairs.

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Introduction: New Policy Challenges

1. Transboundary Ocean and Atmospheric Pollution in Southeast Asia:Prospects for Regional Cooperation / Ian Townsend-Gault, DavidVanderZwaag, and Robert Adamson

2. Managing the Environment in ASEAN: The Case of Extended UrbanRegions / Douglas Webster

3. Managing Multicultural Societies: The Status of Minority Groupsin Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand / Jean DeBernardi andChristopher Tarnowski

4. Human Rights in ASEAN States: A Canadian Policy Perspective /Diane K. Mauzy and R.S. Milne

5. ASEAN Policy Responses to North American and European TradingAgreements / Gordon P. Means

6. ASEAN and Asia-Pacific Multilateralism: Managing RegionalSecurity / Amitav Acharya

Statistical Appendix / J.D. Kenneth Boutin



Amitav Acharya is an associate professor in theDepartment of Political Science at York University and a seniorresearch fellow of the University of Toronto-York University JointCentre for Asia Pacific Studies. Richard Stubbs is aprofessor in the Department of Political Science at McMaster Universityand academic adviser to the Canada-ASEAN Centre's Academic SupportProgramme.