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Canadian Oceans Policy

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Release Date: 1st January 1989

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Release Date: 1st October 2007

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Series Canada and International Relations

UBC Press

Canadian Oceans Policy

National Strategies and the New Law of the Sea

Edited by
D.M. McRae
Gordon Munro
This book deals with Canada's oceans management policies since the conclusion of the 1982 Convention of the Law of the Sea.
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This book deals with Canada's oceans management policies since the conclusion of the 1982 Convention of the Law of the Sea. That Convention set out a jurisdictional framework for the management of the world's oceans, but it did not provide states with precise guidance on all the issues that can arise. As a state with one of the world's longest coastlines, Canada was one of the principal beneficiaries under the 1982 Convention regime. A study of Canadian policy is particularly significant, as Canadian oceans management places in relief many of the difficult questions yet to be resolved.


Fisheries Management

1. Canadian Fisheries Management: International Dimensions / Parzival Copes
2. The Canada-United States Pacific Salmon Treaty / Gordon R. Munro and Robert L. Stokes

Seabed Mineral Resources

3. Canadian Offshore Oil and Gas: Jurisdiction and Management Issues in the 1980s and Beyond / Ted L.McDorman
4. Canada at the Preparatory Commission: Policies and Challenges / Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon

The Marine Environment

5. Canada and Marine Environmental Protection: The Changing Tides of Laws and Policy / David Vanderzwaag
6. Policy Statements on Canadian Research in Aquatic Science / Norman Wilimovsky


7. Canada and the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries / Donald McRae
8. Aspects of Sovereignty and Security in the Arctic / Ronald Purver
9. Striking a New Balance: Seapower, Security and Sovereignty and Canada / Joel J. Sokolsky

Canada and Future Ocean Management

10. The Future of International Oceans Management / Alan Beesley
11. The Rationale and Future Directions of Canada's Ocean Policy: International Dimensions / G. Lee and Douglas G. Fraser
12. The Rationale and Future Directions of Canada's Ocean Policy: Domestic Aspects / Ronald W. Crowley and Raymond C. Bourgeois


Donald McRae is Dean, Common Law Section, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. Gordon Munro is Professor of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

... an important addition to the international literature on ocean policy development. In Canadian terms it is quite unique, as there is so far no other work which at least attempts to come to grips with some of the complex ocean policy issues faced by major developed coastal States.

Edgar Gold
Marine Policy

This eminently readable collection provides multidisciplinary perspectives on its subject ... For those familiar with Canadian oceans problems, this volume serves as a reminder of what Canada has accomplished, and what still needs to be done for effective oceans management; for others, including students and the general public, it will provide an objective and balanced introduction to oceans issues.

Gunther Hartmann
Canadian Journal of Political Science

Canadian Oceans Policy is an excellent book, composed of high-quality scholarly essays with a wide sweep of subject-matter...The book will appeal to anyone interested in the law of the sea or in any aspect of ocean policy, whether from a biological, economic or legal standpoint.

Stephen Vickers
The Royal Institute of International Affairs