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Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes

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Release Date: 1st January 1992

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Number of Pages: 439

Series Canada and International Relations

UBC Press

Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes

This volume is an important and timely analysis of past and current Canadian policies toward both the formal and less formal arrangements which regulate such areas as international trade and financial transactions, international service industries, fisheries resources, and the environment.
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As the world economy is becoming increasingly global in nature, thefuture of Canada's welfare will directly depend on thecountry's response and reaction to a wide range of economic regimeswhich govern the international economy. This volume is an important andtimely analysis of past and current Canadian policies toward both theformal and less formal arrangements which regulate such areas asinternational trade and financial transactions, international serviceindustries, fisheries resources, and the environment. Often influencedby domestic political concerns and its relations with the UnitedStates, Canada has, as the authors point out, exhibited a high degreeof variation in its responses to these regimes. Canadian Foreign Policyand International Economic Regimes addresses a broad range of foreigneconomic policies not generally considered in the foreign policyliterature. Interdisciplinary in its approach, it will be of interestto those in political science and public policy, economics, and law, aswell as to those involved in international business.




Part One: Regulation of International Trade

1. The Evolution of Canadian Postwar International Trade Policy /Jock A. Finlayson, with Stefano Bertasi

2. Reflections on the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement in theContext of the Multilateral Trading System / ChristopherThomas

3. Canada and the Ongoing Impasse over Agricultural Protectionism /Theodore H. Cohn

4. Canada and the Private International Trade Law Regime / A.Claire Cutler


Part Two: Regulation of International FinancialTransactions

5. Canadian Foreign Investment Policy: Issues and Prospects /James A. Brander

6. Canada and International Legal Regimes for Foreign Investment andTrade in Services / Robert K. Paterson

7. Canada and the International Monetary Regime / Michael C.Webb


Part Three: Regulation of International ServiceIndustries

8. Canada and the Changing Regime in International Air Transport /Martin E. Dresner and Michael W. Tretheway

9. Canada and the Evolving System of International ShippingConferences / Trevor D. Heaver

10. Canada and the Movement Towards Liberalization of theInternational Telecommunications Regime / Steven Globerman, HudsonN. Janisch, Richard J. Schultz, and W.T. Stanbury


Part Four: International Regulation of Resources and theEnvironment

11. The Evolution of Canadian Fisheries Management Policy Under theNew Law of the Sea: International Dimensions / Gordon R.Munro

12. Air, Water, and Political Fire: Building a North AmericanEnvironmental Regime / Don Munton and Geoffrey Castle


Closing Perspective

13. Changing Multilateral Institutions: A Role for Canada /Sylvia Ostry





A. Claire Cutler is an assistant professor in theDepartment of Political Science, University of Victoria. MarkW. Zacher is a professor in the Department of PoliticalScience at the University of British Columbia.

The pieces add up to a very good review of Canadian foreign economic policy over a period of years and make a first-rate book.

Foreign Affairs

The strength of the book is largely empirical, and the authors' collective accomplishment in filling a huge hole in the literature merits celebration: this book contains more essays on Canada and the international economic regimes than the rest of the existing literature combined.

Robert Wolfe, Queen's University
Canadian Journal of Science