Being Governor

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Release Date: 20th June 1983

Number of Pages: 248

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Being Governor

The View from the Office

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This book examines the changing role of the governor in our federal system, giving particular attention to recent developments. The expansion of gubernatorial responsibilities into managerial, executive, and intergovernmental positions has taken place at the same time that the governor's role as leader of his political party has declined. In discussing the contemporary role of governors, the editors provide a view of how the office functions on a day-to-day basis.

The editors base their data on personal experience; interviews with governors, former governors, and staff; on -site visits; and responses to a series of nineteen surveys of governors and their staff conducted between 1976 and 1981. The research was undertaken by the Center for Policy Research of the National Governors' Association.

List of Tables vii
Preface ix
Introduction 3
I. The Setting
1. Governors in the American Federal System 12
II. Being Governor
2. Governors' views on Being Governor 22
3. A Day in the Life of a Governor 32
III. The Political Role
4. The Governor as Party Leader 44
5. The Governor and the Public 52
6. Governors and Ethics 67
IV. The Managerial Role
7. The Governor as Manager 78
8. The Political Nature of the Governor as Manager 85
9. Governor's Views on Management 93
10. Appointment Power: Does It Belong to the Governor? 102
11. The Gubernatorial Appointment Power: Too Much of a Good Thing? 116
V. The Legislative Role
12. The Governor and the State Legislature 124
13. The Governor as Chief Legislator 131
14. Governors and Lieutenant Governors 144
VI. The Structural Role
15. Governors' Offices: Variations on Common Themes 158
16. Planning and Budgeting Offices: On Their Relevance to Gubernatorial Decisions 174
17. Science Advice to Governors: Non-Politics in the Policy Process 182
18. Governors and Intergovernmental Relations: Middlemen in the Federal System 192
Conclusion 206
Appendix A: Selected Bibliography on the Governorship 209
Appendix B: Selected Data on Governors and State Executive Systems 212
Notes 219

Index 235