Amy Bhatt


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  1. High-Tech Housewives
    Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft promote the free flow of data worldwide, while relying on foreign temporary IT workers to build, deliver, and support their products. However, even as IT companies use technology... Learn More
    Published: 29th March 2018
    Hardback | £79.00
    Paperback | £23.99
  2. Roots and Reflections

    Roots and Reflections

    South Asians in the Pacific Northwest

    Written by Amy Bhatt and Nalini Iyer, Foreword by Deepa Banerjee

    University of Washington Press

    Immigrants from South Asia first began settling in Washington and Oregon in the nineteenth century, but because of restrictions placed on Asian immigration to the United States in the early twentieth century, the vast majority... Learn More
    Published: 11th January 2013
    Hardback | £79.00
    Paperback | £23.99