Adventures with a Texas Naturalist

9780292703117: Paperback
Release Date: 1st September 1994

17 b&w illus.

Dimensions: 133 x 210

Number of Pages: 368

Series Texas Classics

University of Texas Press

Adventures with a Texas Naturalist

Written by
Roy Bedichek
Introduced by
Rick Bass
Illustrated by
Ward Lockwood
Paperback / £24.99

A classic since its first publication in 1947, Adventures with a Texas Naturalist distills a lifetime of patient observations of the natural world. This reprint contains a new introduction by noted nature writer Rick Bass.

  • Introduction by Rick Bass
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Author's Introduction
  • 1. Fences: Fields and Pastures
  • 2. Fences: Right-of-Ways
  • 3. Still Water
  • 4. The Wing Of The Swallow
  • 5. Killers
  • 6. A Bird and a Flower
  • 7. "Co-Operatives"
  • 8. "Co-Operatives" (continued)
  • 9. Denatured Chickens
  • 10. Davis Mountains Holiday: En Route
  • 11. Davis Mountains Holiday: In Camp
  • 12. The Golden Eagle
  • 13. The Golden Eagle: Soarer
  • 14. Nature Lore in Folklore
  • 15. Folk-Naming of Birds and Flowers
  • 16. The Mockingbird: Character and Disposition
  • 17. Mockingbird: Singer
  • 18. Mockingbird: Does He Mock?
  • 19. Heronry on Keller's Creek
  • 20. Nest Hunger
  • 21. Root and Rock
  • 22. Cedar Cutter
  • Errata
  • The Author's Emendations
  • Index

"You may not know the little birds from the little flowers and not even care to, but still you will find in Adventures with a Texas Naturalist a ripe mind seeing in all relationships the human significance.... His prose is modest and seemingly without art. And then you discover that this man who paid profound attention to everything writes like an angel."

Lon Tinkle

"I wish some such book opening windows on the ground I belong to and arousing healthy curiosity about all things both great and small had been available when I, as a boy, always got books—good books—for Christmas. It is the kind of book that enlarges experience whether remembered or yet to come. It is a book to open eyes."

J. Frank Dobie

"A Texan wholly devoted to his native Southwest, he was regional but not provincial.... Roy Bedichek was a true scientist, with a luminous curiosity more like the ancient Greeks' than today's."


" . . Texas cannot really be known without reading Adventures with a Texas Naturalist."

The 50 Best Books on Texas

"Whether studying the effects of grazing goats on roadside wildflowers or reveling in the fiery beauty of a vermilion flycatcher, Bedichek writes with a marvelous style that begs quotation at every turn."

Houston Chronicle

"A book that should be required reading in high school or college, one that ought to be in every deer camp or in every biker's pack. It is a thoughtful book but also pleasant to the senses. It is a book that can be read once and then delved into again some other time, as enduring as nature itself."

Austin American-Statesman