ABC of Architecture

9780812216318: Paperback
Release Date: 1st October 1997

53 illus.

Dimensions: 140 x 216

Number of Pages: 144

University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

ABC of Architecture

Written by
James F. O'Gorman
Drawings by
Dennis E. McGrath
Paperback / £14.99

ABC of Architecture is an accessible, nontechnical introduction to architectural structure, history, and criticism. Author James F. O'Gormon moves seamlessly from a discussion of the most basic inspiration for architecture (the need for shelter from the elements), to an exploration of space, system, and material, and, finally, to an examination of the language and history of architecture. He shows the nonspecialist how to read a design in plans, sections, and elevations, and how architects, like other artists, make creative use of space and light.

A Is for Utilitas
B Is for Firmitas
C Is for Venustas
Architecture as Communication
Learning the Lingo
Further Reading

James F. O'Gorman is Grace Slack McNeil Professor of the History of American Art at Wellesley College and author of more than a dozen books on architecture and art history, including Connecticut Valley Vernacular: The Vanishing Landscape and Architecture of the New England Tobacco Fields, also available from the University of Pennsylvania Press.

"Thank goodness for James F. O'Gorman, who has given us this refreshingly clear guide to the indispensable convergence of art and science we call architecture."—Forbes

"James O'Gorman's ABC of Architecture takes its rightful place among the few paragons this century of clear and direct introductions to the field."—Robert Venturi

"May be the best-written work on the subject."—New York Times

"[O'Gorman's] mastery of the subject shows in his straightforward, lucid prose."—Publishers Weekly